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Conventions for neuron model names

For model names we want to use the formula:

dynamics + [element type] + [psc | cond] + synaptic dynamics + [numerics]

And therefore we get:

iaf_psc_delta        IaF neuron with delta-current input pulses
iaf_psc_exp          IaF with exponentially decaying input current
iaf_psc_alpha        IaF with alpha-shaped input current
iaf_psc_alpha_presc  same, with prescient numerics
iaf_psc_alpha_canon  same, with canonical numerics
iaf_cond_alpha       IaF with conductance-based alpha input

A further label could specify the number and interpretation of the rports. For example: exin for neurons with different dynamics for excitatory and inhibitory synapses, e.g. iaf_psc_exin_alpha to denote “2 dendrites”.

More specific and complicated neuron models are probably better described by a project name than by a full list of all their components: e.g. use facets_neuron instead of iaf_psc_exp_sfa_exin_fancy_something.