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Variables and Parameter Names

Conventions for Parameters

  1. Do not use capitalization to indicate whether a value in the status dictionary is variable.
  2. Where available, use the notation from P.Dayan & L.F.Abbott, Theoretical Neuroscience, MIT Press, 2001.
  3. Where not available, use a notation that is consistent with Dayan & Abbott.
  4. Subscripts are indicated by underscores

Parameters and Symbols

Membrane potential V_m
Resting potential E_L
Input current I_e
Leak current I_L
Threshold V_th
Reset Potential V_reset
Capacity or specific capacitance c_m
Capacitance C_m
Membrane time const. tau_m
Synapse time constant tau_syn
Refractory period t_ref
Time of last spike t_spike
Excitatory reversal potential E_ex
Inhibitory reversal potential E_in
Conductance g
Leak conductance g_L
Sodium conductance g_Na
Sodium reversal potential E_Na
Potassium conductance g_K
Potassium reversal potential E_K

Common Suffixes (subscripts)

m membrane
L leak
e extern
th threshold
syn synapse
ref refractory
ex excitatory
in inhibitory